CSO’s Future of InfoSec Summit

Business Risk at the Brink

March 8-9, 2022


Discover where information security is headed

Malicious links flood email. Vulnerabilities remain unpatched. Ransomware attacks succeed. Toolboxes are overflowing. And businesses struggle to overcome risks when enterprise tech never stops evolving.

Instead of playing defense, put a proactive information security plan in place. Join us at CSO’s Future of Infosec Summit to learn how highly secure organizations are one step ahead and ready to respond to rising threats.

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  • Tool Up

    Learn how to invest in the right InfoSec tools with less financial risk and more ROI.

  • Talent Up

    Get advice for closing cybersecurity talent gaps so you can safeguard your business.

  • Speed Up

    See what it takes to create a proactive InfoSec organization that can respond swiftly to change.

  • Wake Up

    Anticipate risks and vulnerabilities so you can lead with confidence.

Featured Speaker


Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, United Airlines

As one of the largest airlines in the world, United Airlines faces — and manages — rising threats every day. Join us to learn how they mitigate risks in an environment of unknown and rising threats.

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Caroline Beckmann

Senior Director
Trident DMG

Martin Bally

Global Chief Information Security Officer

Tim Byrd

Executive Vice President, Chief Information Security Office

Khalilah Scott


Jay Leek

Managing Partner & Co-Founder
SYN Ventures

Rick Grinnell

Founder & Managing Partner
Glasswing Ventures

Irwin Lazar

President and Principal Analyst

Day 1: how should we anticipate unknown threats?

Prepare for the unexpected and unknown with a swift, proactive security response.

Day 2: Curating the InfoSec Toolbox, and how to master it

Immerse yourself in the tools you need to adapt to constantly changing security threats while maximizing your security investments.

Other Sessions Include:


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March 8-9, 2022