Risk Strategies
For Rising Threats

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November 16-18, 2021

About the CSO50
Conference + Awards

CISOs, CSOs, and risk leaders face a complex array of new business risks. Supply chains are high value targets creating exponential security consequences when breached. Every organization’s portfolio of customer-facing apps is widening the threat landscape. Remote work has opened the door to a range of risks, not the least of which is intellectual property theft. And ransomware attacks – enabled by easily available as-a-service tools – happen with more frequency than ever.



Sessions that Will Enlighten
and Inform

Celebrate the achievements of our CSO50 Award Winning Organizations

Get an inside look at where CSO’s found success managing today’s information security risks.

2021 Sessions Include:

The CSO Event
of the Year!

At the 2021 CSO50 Conference+Awards, the nation’s top CSOs and industry experts will share their success stories and unique perspectives on strategy, digital leadership, and business growth. You’ll experience an agenda focused on the most pressing technology topics (cloud, data, automation, etc.) as well as top of mind strategic and organization imperatives around workplace diversity and inclusion and business modernization.

The CSO50 Conference+Awards is YOUR time. Immerse yourself in the knowledge sharing, spend each day focused on your goals, enjoy the event, and have some fun. During the event, we’ll celebrate the 2021 CSO50 Award winning organizations and newest CSO Hall of Fame Inductees. You’ll leave CSO50 with renewed personal and professional energy!

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Connect real-time with your fellow IT executives in one-on-one meetings, join live discussion groups and participate in Q&As with top CSOs.


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Personalizing the Experience

Recommendation engine that directs you to the content, participants and companies that will address your challenges.

Diversity in Session
Formats and Engagement

Interviews with CSOs about the best practices for various areas of IT strategy.

Multi-media delivery from honoree organizations describing their projects.

Live discussion groups and Q&A sessions with selected speakers.

“CSO continues to be an engaging and
important medium that gets me the
information I need, when I need it, and
at the right level.” – Global CSO, TikTok

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Our partners are an integral part of the event experience. They offer timely, relevant solutions and make important connections with attendees.  Learn more about sponsorship opportunities for the 2021 CSO50 Conference + Awards.

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November 16-18, 2021